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Hair Line-Up Service in Los Angeles: Edge Up Barber Shop


A hair line-up is simply cutting along the line of the natural hairline, cleaning it up for a sharper appearance. This style is low maintenance and the most natural, but it can still be tricky to accomplish. You should find an edge-up barbershop in Los Angeles, one that specializes in men’s cuts, to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Entourage Barbershop can help you with your line-up and provide luxury service with quality results!


Types of Hair Line-Ups

There are two common types of hair line-ups, also known as a hair edge-up. Depending on your personality and style, you can choose either a line-up buzz cut or a long hair line-up from our Los Angeles professionals.

Line-Up Buzz Cut

A line-up buzz cut refers to creating crisp lines around the face and neckline. This is different from a regular hair line-up that aims to straighten natural hair lines. This is best for shorter buzz cuts with thicker hair textures to help truly define the lines. 

Long Hair Line-Up

A long hair line-up is a haircut that sharpens the edges around your face and the neckline with a longer hairstyle. With both cuts, you will want to schedule routine visits to keep your edges sharp.

Visit the best edge-up barber in Los Angeles today!

If you’ve been wanting a high-quality hair line-up in Los Angeles, then come to Entourage Barbershop! Our team specializes in luxury services with high-quality results, guaranteeing you the clean cut you’re looking for. Call now or book your appointment online today!

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