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Los Angeles Salon Shampooing: Men's Hair Washing Service | L.A. Salon

Salon Shampooing in Los Angeles: Professional Hair Washing Service for Men


One of the best services at any salon or barbershop is the wash before the cut! Get a luxury wash followed by a high-end haircut at Entourage Barbershop.  The men’s hair-washing service at our Los Angeles barbershop is the critical difference between an average haircut and a full-service experience. Come get pampered for an hour or two and leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!


Benefits of a Salon Shampoo

Professional salon shampooing from our Los Angeles team not only cleans your hair and scalp but also allows you to get a taste of new salon-grade shampoos. These hair care products are known for having less chemicals in them and, therefore, being better for your hair’s texture and scalp health. Most of the time, salon shampoos are more concentrated with high-grade ingredients, so your hair will really reap the benefits.

Salon shampooing at our Los Angeles barbershop can add nourishment back into your hair and allows your barber a clean slate when providing a color or new cut. Lastly, it’s simply relaxing. Every wash comes with a relaxing scalp massage that will leave you feeling pampered.

Enjoy the best salon shampooing service in Los Angeles!

If you’re ready to sit back and allow a professional to wash your hair, then visit Entourage Barbershop. Schedule your appointment online or walk in to our L.A. salon and get your wash with high-end, salon-grade products. A great way to start any weekend is with a relaxing wash followed by a high-quality haircut. It will leave you feeling clean-cut and stylish and give you the confidence boost you deserve.

Get a feel for our aesthetic in the photo gallery.

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