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Los Angeles VIP Haircut Experience: Networking, Meetings, Wedding Planning

VIP Haircut Experience in Los Angeles: Networking, Meetings, Wedding Planning


Looking for a truly unique, upscale barbershop experience? Try the Entourage VIP experience, where you can hang with the guys, network, and enjoy an open bar, video games, and shoot some pool! Chill to some great tunes while you mingle in the VIP lounge of our barbershop in Los Angeles, then indulge in a haircut, black mask, eyebrow grooming, and a hot towel shave. When you’re ready to treat yourself and a few friends to top-of-the-line service, book your VIP experience with Entourage Barbershop!

What Does the VIP Experience Include? 
The VIP experience at Entourage Barbershop gives you several options of high-end haircuts to choose from. Whether you want a buzz cut, fade, a bleached buzz cut, or a cut with a design, our top-tier Los Angeles barbers can handle it. Then enjoy a relaxing hot towel shave and top it off with a nose wax, eyebrow grooming, and a charcoal mask that will leave your skin looking smooth and refreshed.

Enjoy Our Open Bar, Video Games, and Pool Table
Our VIP experience is like no other. It is exclusive to our barbershop and one of the few places on the Sunset Strip where you can enjoy an open bar, music, video games, and a pool table and walk out looking refreshed. The VIP experience is perfect for networking, hanging with the guys, and unwinding. Whether you’re getting married or holding a corporate meeting, we highly recommend booking the VIP experience at Entourage Barbershop in Los Angeles.

Schedule Your VIP Experience 
If you want to try our luxury VIP experience, schedule your appointment with Entourage Barbershop today! We value our customers and thrive on providing service that is unmatched in Los Angeles. Treat yourself and your friends to a truly unforgettable experience—give us a call or book online now!

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