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Men's Hair Color Service in Los Angeles: Professional Hair Coloring & Gray Blending


Are you looking for a change? A boost in your confidence? Need help keeping the grays away? No problem! At Entourage Barbershop in Los Angeles, our professional men’s hair coloring can help you get the color you want so you can look and feel great.


Don’t Go At It Alone

While trying an at-home hair coloring kit may be tempting, it’s messy and quite risky. Those kits are more of a one-size-fits-all approach to hair coloring and are not as natural looking once applied. You want to stand out, you want to be seen, and you want to be uniquely you. Not only do we have experience with color, but we can also apply gray blending, which is a more subtle approach. This is why you should trust Entourage Barbershop in Los Angeles, the professional men’s hair coloring crew on the Sunset Strip.

Expect More From Your Visit

When you pay for a service, you want to get exactly what you expected. With our professional barbers, you will always have our undivided attention, expertise in application, and knowledge of style. These are all services that you won’t find on the back of a box. At Entourage Barbershop in Los Angeles, our men’s hair color service restores confidence, one client at a time.

Enjoy the best men's hair coloring service in Los Angeles today!

We are an innovative, upscale option for every man looking for quality men’s hair color in Los Angeles. From gray blending to hair coloring, your look should be something personal and unique to only you. At Entourage Barbershop, we don’t promise, we deliver! So don’t delay another day—sign in and select your service using our online booking application.

Get a feel for our aesthetic in the photo gallery.

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