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Private Haircuts from Los Angeles’ Celebrity Barber

Looking for a men’s hair salon in Los Angeles offering private haircuts and in-home barber service? Welcome to Entourage Barbershop, the pinnacle of grooming excellence nestled in the vibrant heart of Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of luxury and contemporary sophistication at the best barbershop in Los Angeles. Our private haircut experiences are tailor-made for celebrities and VIPs who prioritize exclusivity and discretion as much as they do style.

Private Haircuts

Step into Entourage Barbershop and embrace the realm of unmatched refinement. Our private entrance and secluded hair styling areas ensure that your visit remains truly intimate and personal. At Los Angeles’ celebrity barber, your grooming experience is elevated to new heights, shielded from prying eyes and distractions. Trust Hollywood’s best barbers to curate a haircut that is a reflection of your unique style and expression of your individuality.

Private Hair Salon

Entourage Barbershop is the unrivaled destination for men who seek a truly extraordinary grooming experience. Vibe in the contemporary cool of Los Angeles’ top private men’s hair salon, where luxury, exclusivity, and style converge seamlessly. You’ve never experienced a barbershop quite like ours, where exceptional service and indulgence unite. Enter through a private entrance and keep a low profile while you relax and get tightened up. Have a drink from our open bar of top-shelf liquors. Bring the crew with you for a game of pool and an edge-up. Completely immerse yourself in the Entourage Barbershop experience.

Barber House Calls

Our team of accomplished barbers stands ready to bring their expertise directly to your doorstep, offering the most exceptional in-home haircut in Los Angeles. Our barber house-call service is the epitome of convenience and opulence. As the preferred choice of discerning individuals and celebrities in Los Angeles, the house call barbers at Entourage have set the bar high in terms of quality and convenience. Experience the luxury of being attended to by Los Angeles’ private barber to the stars in the comfort of your home, studio, or office.

In-Home Haircut Price

At Entourage Barbershop, our commitment to excellence transcends boundaries. While our in-home haircuts may come at a premium compared to many house call barbers in Los Angeles, the sheer superiority of our services makes it an investment worth making. We pride ourselves on surpassing expectations, ensuring that every detail of your grooming experience is flawlessly executed. We are true masters of our craft, creating unparalleled styles that transform you into a walking testament to the artistry of the best barbers in Los Angeles.

Barber to the Stars

Entourage Barbershop is right in the heart of West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. With the best private barbers in Los Angeles, an amazing atmosphere, discreet haircut areas that feel open but still hidden from public view, and our unwavering commitment to superior service, we redefine the boundaries of grooming excellence. Step into a realm of sophistication and exclusivity, where every visit is a testament to our dedication to your utmost satisfaction. We invite you to enjoy a private haircut at Los Angeles’ celebrity barber shop, where the essence of Hollywood meets the artistry of the master barber.

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